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Summer Internships last approximately 12 weeks beginning in May. During the summer, interns are given 1 to 3 projects to work on real solutions to business issues and/or create new programs for our Company. Projects are determined in late April for the up-coming summer and consist of a wide variety of challenges. At the end of 12 weeks, each intern will present their accomplishments to the senior leadership team, their managers and peers. To gain a better understanding of our intern projects here at Belden, please review the past intern projects summarized below.


Receive 1-3 challenging projects designed to test out and expand your problem-solving abilities


Work directly with a mentor, learning invaluable management skills for future endeavors


Create lasting relationships with working professionals, expanding your network for opportunities


Gain hands-on experience while developing solutions to real world problems


Our Finance & Accounting teams don't just look at numbers; they unlock the meaning behind the numbers and translate them into information that drives business decisions. Attracting talent to these teams is critical to our organizational success and our internship programs are vital to how we achieve this.

Internship opportunities in our Finance & Accounting teams offer current students an opportunity to work on important business projects, collaborate with experienced managers and deliver real results for the organization. During a twelve week internship students will gain hands-on experience working on creating real business solutions while also developing project management skills, interpersonal skills, and field-specific knowledge. Our internships are based out of our facilities in Richmond, IN; Indianapolis, IN; St. Louis, MO; Syracuse, NY; Elizabeth, NJ; Washington, PA; and Fremont, CA.

These fast-paced positions are intended for individuals who are interested in not only developing themselves personally, but also making a substantial contribution to the company. While in the role, you will be expected to work towards goals, deliver results and present to senior business leaders.


  • Passionate, enthusiastic individuals who are ready to take on a challenge and are committed to continuous improvement and driving results
  • Pursuing a bachelor's in Finance or Accounting
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Demonstrate leadership aptitude with the desire to build a career in the financial world
  • Completed at least two years of undergraduate coursework
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S. on a permanent basis without sponsorship

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"For the summer of 2015, I was fortunate enough to participate in my second internship with Belden. Much like last year, I have found the experience to be challenging on a daily basis, but in such a way that encouraged me to grow both personally and professionally. There was a supportive culture that my manager and Belden as a whole really worked to establish that never discouraged new ideas for solutions to a problem despite how radical they may be."

Harley, Operations Engineering Intern: Western Kentucky University, Class of 2016

"Coming to Belden after my freshman year, I had no idea what to expect. I had never worked in an engineering or corporate setting and in all honesty, I was probably a little scared. However, if there was one thing Belden does better than anyone else, it is making every intern feel comfortable. As an intern at Belden you learn more in your 12 weeks here than you could in a semester at school. The intern program is wonderfully structured, but still gives interns an amazing degree of autonomy. I felt like I was a new hire, not just an intern who would be gone by the end of the summer."

Thomas, Research & Development Intern: Cornell University, class of 2018

"Through my internships with Belden I have grown my knowledge of the engineering world and its ability to reward those who strive towards results. Belden has given me the opportunity to see real product lines nurtured through full development cycles, from the design theory and drawings to working in the plant with operators seeking the best production methods. The quality of these internships has developed myself as a forward-thinking engineer and has enhanced my reputation as a professional. Belden is a great place for those looking to contribute as well as to develop and make the most of their skills."

Jim, Graduate Research & Development Intern: University of Dayton, Class of 2017

"From being able to learn from professionals in a fast-paced environment, to being offered the opportunity to make an impact on an actual facility through meaningful projects, or given the chance to develop skills that go beyond a classroom or textbook, Belden has supplied me with knowledge experience that will be invaluable as I make my transition from student to professional. As a Belden associate, I was welcomed into a community of professionals that were ready to help, listen, and engage in conversations that addressed any suggestion or question that I may have had. I am more excited about the future having had this level of involvement in such a well-established corporation!"

Bryan, Operations Engineering Intern: IUPUI, Class of 2017

"My experience with Belden this past summer has been incredibly beneficial to my professional development and personal growth. Belden gave me insight into what my future career would be like in reality, experience I could not get in a classroom. I was purposefully given a challenging and meaningful project that allowed me to make an impact on the company as it will be implemented going forward. I was challenged to think independently, but also had a strong network of support from my peers, manager, and mentor. Everyone at Belden knows that teamwork leads to success and was always willing to help me accomplish my goals. I would strongly recommend an internship with Belden to anyone looking to be challenged, learn a lot, and make an impact."

Allee, Finance Intern: Indiana University, Class of 2017

"I have spent three years in the Belden family with marketing internships and have had three excellent, meaningful internships. Coming back year after year and seeing that my, as well as my peers, projects are still being implemented, is an extremely satisfying feeling. The guidance is world-class, everyone is approachable no matter their title, and questions are encouraged. Belden understands that you won't be able to learn everything in one week, and anyone is willing to help whenever you need it. Belden invests a great deal of resources into its interns and truly wants to do everything they can to make you succeed. At Belden, not only do you get to grow professionally, but you also get to see how your hard work pays off in a highly successful organization."

Sam, Marketing Intern: Purdue University, Class of 2016