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Life without Connectivity

Posted by: Michelle Foster on October 03, 2012

nonetWe’re having some technical difficulties with our (unnamed) Internet provider today. And by difficulties, I mean that we can’t access the Internet. At all. I was surprised to see how much I take that seemingly simple privilege for granted.

This morning, as I was working on another project, I spaced out, opened a browser and started to enter something into the Google search bar. I hit enter. Then I was hit by the realization that there is no connectivity. It wasn’t a shock – we had been without connection since I arrived this morning. The surprise came when I realized that I am so used to having the ability to use the ‘net whenever I need that I completely forgot that it was down.

Today is a perfect example of how important up-time and reliability of signal transmissions are. We're to a point where we expect to be constantly connected and we expect to utilize our systems smoothly in a way we’re used to. The only time we notice something is when it doesn’t fit the status quo. Unfortunately at Belden’s HQ today, we’re far from status quo.

So maybe this will inspire me to be a bit more thankful for properly working systems. When you walk into your data center or onto your factory floor and it’s running smoothly, maybe that can be a small win for your day. When we’re inundated with projects and administrative tasks and fires to put out (hopefully not literally!), knowing that you have a reliable communications infrastructure that won’t be causing headaches might be worth a small smile on a hectic day.

It’s difficult to be content with the little things – like being able to use Google. But it might just be worth it to try to see the bright side.


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