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Posted by: Michelle Foster on February 07, 2013

smart grid victoryOver 12,000 votes came in for Smart Grid News' Top 13 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2013.

12,000. That's pretty impressive if you think about it.

And it looks like a good portion of those 12,000 came in for Belden! We were named one of the top 13! It's a great honor and we're so grateful to everyone who voted. I have to say, I kind of felt like the guy in the photo when I found out this morning. It's a really exciting victory. Especially because we're up there with some huge players in the industry, like Cisco, Schneider Electric and Sensus.

The Smart Grid space is an important one for us. In addition to blogging about it (five times!), we know they need secure and reliable signal transmissions - when communications go down or are infiltrated, the whole system can go down. Plus, we know how important consistent and accurate measurement of electricity produced and transmitted is to those running the substation.

We look forward to giving you a lot to watch for in 2013.

If you have any questions or requests, leave us a comment below. We'll get back to you as soon as we're able.

Tags:Smart Grid, Reliable Industrial Networking, Secure Networks

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