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May You Line Your Pockets with the Good (and Small) Things of Life

Posted by: on November 26, 2014

It’s that time of year again when we all start to think about the things we are thankful for, including our data center blog fans who continue to read our blog every week. We remain thankful for the opportunity to provide you with useful, thought-provoking information on the latest and greatest technologies, standards and trends.


As I look forward to this Thanksgiving, and time with friends and family, I’m thankful that “hot pockets” are not on the menu. However, there are some things that do fit well in a pocket. And that has me remembering a few big things that I’m thankful I don’t have to deal with in the 21st century. Here are just a few I pulled out of the vault.

A Brick in My Pocket

images1Z8RSXRZMost of us are old enough to still remember Michael Douglas looking rather trendy in the 1987 Lethal Weapon movie as he showed off his high-tech 2-lb cell phone that was all the rage.

We’ve definitely come a long way since Motorola made the first public cell phone call in 1973, going from “brick to slick.”

I’m thankful that my iPhone weighs 6 ounces and fits easily in my pocket (not to mention that this Michael looks way cooler).

5 MB of Data in 7 Cubic Feet

IBM model 350 disk 1957 5MBIn 1957, an IBM Model 350 Disk File required a fork lift to make it onto this Pan Am jet. (By the way, Pan Am has been defunct now 23 years.) It contained fifty 24-inch disks inside a cabinet bigger than my grandmother’s antique wardrobe. The ginormous hulk of a storage unit was able to store a whopping 5 MB of data.

Now 57 years later, I can store my entire digital world (and that of at least 10 of my closest friends) in a portable 1 Terabyte USB 3.0 Flash drive.

I’m thankful that I can board a plane with 200,000 times more data than that IBM Model 350 amongst the change in my pocket.

Wheeling 30 Pounds to My Presentation

overheadprojectorDo you remember the bulky overhead projector that teachers used in the classroom and required those of us giving presentations to print out our slides on clear acetate?

They are actually marketing these 30 pound beasts as “vintage” on Ebay at around $45. I won’t be buying one any time soon (even though they were great for making hand shadow puppets behind the teacher’s back).

Today I can pick up a pocket HDMI projector for less than $300 and connect it to any smartphone or laptop. At just 4” X 3” and less than a pound, it’s only somewhat larger than my iPhone. So yes, it too fits in my pocket.

I’m thankful that I’m not wheeling an old-school metal cart with an overhead projector through the front door of my customer’s facility on my way to give a presentation.

As we head into the holiday season, may you too be thankful for the ability to line your pockets with the good (and the small) things of life.

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