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GreenChoice: The Argument for LSZH Cabling - Part 2 with New White Paper

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on March 29, 2013

green_blogIn Part 1 of the this GreenChoice blog, we discussed how choosing low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cables can offer a much safer industrial cabling alternative. Now, we will discuss the business arguments for GreenChoice LSZH cables and offer an opportunity to download the new Belden GreenChoice white paper for the complete argument for LSZH cables.

Today, even though standards in North America do not require non-halogenated cables, incentives are in place. For example, builders can get Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) incentives for using LSZH (green) wiring; it is possible to get LEED Pilot Credit 54 for up to 2 LEED points per installation. LEED is intended to provide a standardized framework for recognizing and actualizing practical and measurable green standards in design, construction, operations and maintenance for building professionals.

Many corporations and governmental agencies, as well as private citizens, recognize the benefits of less toxic materials for home use or for use in areas where many people are present, such as subways, theaters, restaurants, mines and office towers. Furthermore, because of the corrosive acids created by halogens when exposed to liquids, there is increasing interest in LSZH cables not only in areas that are sparsely populated by workers but also where valuable equipment may be at risk.

The flip side of safety is liability. When there is no argument for better performance or significant price differentiation from cables with halogenated jackets, it may be prudent to consider the use of non-halogenated materials. Regulatory agencies are also increasingly leaning toward LSZH cabling material.The European Union regulations against the use of halogens are stringent in industries such as electronics and automotive, both of which consume a vast amount of cable. Asian countries are also beginning to regulate the use of halogens in electronics. It makes good financial sense for a company to standardize on non-halogenated cables for global operations.

Click here to continue and download the new Belden GreenChoice white paper.

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