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Magnum 10RX Router Released!

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on February 01, 2013

10rx_blogThis week, Belden released the GarrettCom Magnum 10RX Router at the DistribuTECH Convention and Expo. The 10RX is a highly configurable router as well as a security appliance. The substation-hardened 10RX offers advanced layer 3 networking protocols as well as firewall and secure virtual private networking for heavy duty industrial applications.

The product offers features found in other 10-series products including dual-hot swap power supplies, advanced thermal techniques, advanced firewall security and a mix of Ethernet, serial, and WAN connectivity. But, the 10RX offers many new innovative features to the line. Configurabilty is further extended with up to ten Gigabit Ethernet ports, 16 T1/E1 ports, or 32 serial connections. The 10RX features new and innovative software--the advanced Industrial Network Operating System (INOS) which supports a wide range of routing protocols including RIP, OSPF, BGP.

The 10RX, like all of the GarrettCom and Hirschmann brand products from Belden, offers flexible configurations and the high degree of reliability required for interworking between substations or other mission critical network elements. The 10RX will also increase Belden’s ability to assist in migrating power utility customers, at the pace they desire, from legacy to fully-Ethernet configured communications systems that conform to IEC 61850.

The 10RX Routers are available in both convection-cooled and fan-cooled models and are built using thermal design techniques that result in cooler operation of internal electronic components, leading to longer lifetime and increased availability. The software monitors each power supply and signals when a power supply fault is detected. Power supplies can be readily swapped without interruption to the system.

Best of all, the GarrettCom Magnum 10RX is available now for order.

Tags:Configurable Router, Router and Security Appliance

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  1. Jim Krachenfels
    March 19, 2013 at 02:27

    Yes, the 10RX has a lot of similarities i.e. dual hot-swap power supplies and advanced thermal cooling techniques like other 10-series products. Relative to the 10XTS, the 10RX also has a new operating system as well as more Ethernet and Gb Ethernet ports available.

  2. March 19, 2013 at 12:29

    Wow, that's a freakishly awesome looking piece of hardware! What would the pros of the 10RX be over other comparable Belden products likes the Magnum 10XTS? It seems that they share a lot of attributes, though if I'm reading correctly it seems that the 10RX is a more secure device.


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