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Magnum Router Terminal Server from Belden Simplifies Serial Device Integration for Smart Grid

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on January 02, 2013

Magnum 10XTS imageThere has been a big movement over the past decade to bring Ethernet into power utility substations. But, in order to take advantage of the efficiencies and capabilities that Ethernet can offer, many substation network designers must first consider how to leverage their considerable investment in the existing serial infrastructure.

Going forward, “hybrid” substation networking strategies will be the norm. In-place serial IEDs will need to coexist with and be complemented by new networking equipment. This does not mean, however, that these hybrid solutions must be compromised in terms of flexibility, security or performance. By leveraging existing substation-hardened equipment, security policies and IP protocols with the right network design, it is possible to construct highly flexible, secure, reliable and future-proofed networks today.

The recent addition of the GarrettCom 10XTS to the Belden line is a big step toward integrating serial and Ethernet for substation networking. The Magnum 10XTS targets large substation installations with large numbers of serial and Ethernet instruments and the need for high-speed WAN access. The Magnum 10XTS offers two routing ports via a T1/E1 card, as well as up to eight Ethernet ports or up to 28 serial ports for protection and SCADA devices and IRIG-B time coding. Like other members of the next-generation Magnum "10" Series, the 10XTS is an IEC 61850-3 compliant networking device with the hardening required for substation applications and the only dual hot-swappable power supplies in the industry.

Could the 10XTS be a good candidate for your upcoming applications?

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