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Product Spotlight: Magnum DX940 Routers

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on February 22, 2013

dx940_routerIf you could choose a router for a mission-critical industrial environment, what are some of the features you would choose? You would certainly choose a router with Ethernet ports. You would be well served to choose a router with multiple serial ports to connect to legacy industrial and substation devices. Certainly the router would need to incorporate security features. What about the WAN, perhaps T1/E1 connectivity and possible even cellular. For all of these industrial networking needs, the Magnum DX940 Configurable Router can help.

The Magnum DX940 expands Belden’s line of industrial routers with a powerful but compact product that is configurable with both 3G wireless and a full range of copper, cable and fiber wireline ports. It is the first DX router to incorporate port module flexibility that offers a wide variety of configurations within the same router enclosure.

The router includes MNS-DX router software, which offers the kind of security features and richness expected in the power utility market in a substation-hardened package. The MNS-DX software offers high security and the broadest available range of IPsec/VPN standards, in the spirit of the Department of Energy’s Lemnos project, to enable painless, secure interoperability at the router level throughout the Smart Grid.

The versatile DX940 combines WAN access, IP routing, Ethernet switching, Serial-to-IP terminal services and advanced security features in a small footprint industrial package suitable for small and mid-sized remote sites such as distribution substations and transportation control pedestals. With 3G wireless capability, as well as configurable port options for 10/100 and 1Gb copper and fiber media, the DX940 supports secure access even where wireline is too difficult or too expensive to deploy.

The Magnum DX940 Industrial Router enables network connectivity to remote industrial sites using Digital WAN services such as DDS, TI/EI, frame relay, and IP-based VPN services. Serial-IP terminal services support RS232, RS485 and RS422 serial interfaces and protocols such as DNP, telnet and Modbus, including Modbus-ASCII/RTU to Modbus-TCP interworking.

To learn more about an DX940 application with Cellular a Southern Power District (SPD), click here.

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