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Posted by: Industrial IT Team on February 22, 2013

If you could choose a router for a mission-critical industrial environment, what are some of the features you would choose? You would certainly choose a router with Ethernet ports. You would be well served to choose a router with multiple serial ports to connect to legacy industrial and substation devices. Certainly the router would need to incorporate security features. What about the WAN, perhaps T1/E1 connectivity and possible even cellular. For all of these industrial networking needs, the Magnum DX940 Configurable Router can help.

The Magnum DX940 expands Belden’s line of industrial routers with a powerful but compact product that is configurable with both 3G wireless and a full range of copper, cable and fiber wireline ports. It is the first DX router to incorporate port module flexibility that offers a wide variety of configurations within the same router enclosure.


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