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Belden Launches Four New Blogs
Blog Category: Belden News

Posted by: Michelle Foster on March 26, 2012

Welcome to our new blogs!

Being helpful, having strong relationships with our customers and providing the very best in customer service are not new ideas to Belden, but using a blog to these ends is new to us. We hope that our online content will help you not only solve some of your business challenges, but understand who we are as an organization as well.


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Copper Systems and FiberExpress Catalogs: An Overview
Blog Category: Belden News

Posted by: Michelle Foster on April 02, 2012

We have two new system component catalogs worth checking out. The IBDN Copper Systems and FiberExpress Systems catalogs contain the complete line of structured cabling system components for today’s advanced networking applications. The full color catalogs offer an extensive array of product information and photos, including selection guides, specification tables and ordering information.

Belden IBDN Copper Systems are end-to-end structured cabling systems that reduce downtime, ease deployment and facilitate migration to advanced networking technologies and converged building systems. In other words, they meet your challenges today and are ready to scale in the future.

- Pre-Terminated and Field-Terminated Systems
- Nonbonded-Pair and Bonded-Pair cable and assemblies
- Unshielded and shielded cable, assemblies and components
- Ultra High-Density, AngleFlex and standard patch panels
- KeyConnect and MDVO-Style modular jacks
- Patch cords, pigtails and pre-terminated cabling assemblies
- MediaFlex, KeyConnect and MDVO-Style workstation outlet systems
- BIX and 110 IDC cross-connect systems.
- Indoor, outdoor and specialty backbone and riser cables


Our Favorite Industry Blogs
Blog Category: Belden News

Posted by: Michelle Foster on April 09, 2012

When researching the challenges and solving the problems your business faces, you will often find yourself turning to a Google search. The results Google returns will take you to industry resources and blogs, some of which may be new to you. If you land on one of our four blogs here, you've landed on a new blog! Our efforts are just a few weeks old, but going well so far.

What industry blogs have our 6,800+ Belden associates frequented in the past?


Belden: Lean and Green
Blog Category: Belden News

Posted by: Michelle Foster on April 16, 2012

This article was contributed by Hannah Schmidt, Marketing Specialist for our Industrial product line.

While many companies talk about being green, it is often difficult to define just what green means to them. This is especially true in the wire and cable industry when many of the environmental standards are just starting to gain wide acceptance in many of the industries we serve. At Belden, we look at green from a companywide perspective. Our employees, manufacturing facilities and offices all have their own policies to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency in ways that are non-harmful to the environment. Belden also carries this environmental stewardship into our product lines with our GreenChoice products.


Opening Day at NAB
Blog Category: Broadcast AV

Posted by: Michelle Foster on April 17, 2012

Steve Lampen and team are busy at work at opening day of the National Association of Broadcasters' annual NAB Show in booth C8925, right in the middle of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

NAB marks Belden's largest trade show booth of the year. As you've read on Steve Lampen's posts, there's a crazy contest to test the strength of our new 1776 cable, the strongest microphone cable available. Participants can guess what weight the cable can withstand - and still work - before it breaks.

If you're still planning on attending and need an exhibits pass, go to and choose "New Registration" for a first-time attendee or "Alumni Lookup" if you have attended before. When it asks for the Show Registration Code, put in LV2039 and follow the prompts.


Virtual Seminars and Trade Shows - An Overview
Blog Category: Belden News

Posted by: Michelle Foster on April 24, 2012

Virtual seminars and trade shows are gaining in popularity as a way to gather industry folks together, learn about a subject matter and, most importantly, generate leads. As Belden and our brands are industry leaders in signal transmission solutions, something very valuable to virtual events, we are taking a special interest in this new form of education and networking.

We should say that we don’t feel we could ever replace real trade shows like NAB, OTC or ITS America, as the real-life human interaction is irreplaceable and very valuable to us. Nevertheless, we’re getting involved on the virtual side of things.


Belden at NAB - The Slideshow
Blog Category: Broadcast AV

Posted by: Michelle Foster on April 23, 2012

Belden and our Telecast Fiber Systems brand participated in NAB 2012 in Las Vegas. This is a video slideshow of Belden's booth at the show.


Tags: NAB

Belden Exhibiting at BICSI Canadian Conference
Blog Category: Belden News

Posted by: Michelle Foster on April 30, 2012

Belden is exhibiting at the BICSI Canadian Conference & Exhibition, which is being held through May 2 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Canada. Our booth (#218) is called Belden Knows Fiber, and is featuring the following:

● The new FiberExpress Ultra HD Patch Panel System

● Full rack display highlighting the FiberExpress Manager, which has the ability to manage large numbers of high-density fiber interconnects or splices

● Live demos of the FiberExpress Brilliance Field-Installable Connectors

● New Server Cabinets, line of PDUs and zero U Connectivity support option ideal for Data Centers


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