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Belden at IBC in Europe
Blog Category: Broadcast AV

Posted by: Werner Eich on September 18, 2012

When we exhibited for first time at IBC – 15 years ago now – many broadcast engineers preferred proprietary hardware, because it was built specially for the broadcast industry and therefore perceived to be more reliable. Content was produced for one single channel and there was a format that was working well. At today’s IBC, we see instead a lot of IT-based solutions, and there are two main drivers behind this. First, the way the audience views TV content changed. Viewers nowadays are able to watch linear TV on four types of screen: 1) TV; 2) Computer/Laptop/Tablet; 3) Mobile phone; 4) Giant screens/ Public viewing. That means broadcasters are competing in a multiscreen and multiplatform environment. Second, IT infrastructure provides an open framework for managing media, processes and multiple workflows, with the potential for greater productivity, increased efficiency and more agile and profitable operation.


Well-Managed Sports Help Drive Venue Sector
Blog Category: Broadcast AV

Posted by: Werner Eich on October 11, 2012

Brand marketers have seen the effectiveness of traditional TV spot advertising fall in recent years. The growth of sponsorship as a marketing tool is one consequence of this trend. However, sport must compete for sponsors’ money with other forms of content such as music, the arts and cause-related marketing, each of which offers a compelling alternative. Total viewer figures are what count when TV channels try to sell their advertising package to brand marketers, and sports are the number one supplier of viewers. On the other hand, the sports world needs to attract a large number of viewers to be important for the broadcasters. Each country has its own favorite sports: Bull-fighting is Spain-only. Handball and Horse-Racing aren’t attractive in Scandinavian countries, where they prefer Ice Hockey and Ski-Jumping. The most attractive sports in the EMEA region are Football, Rugby, Formula One Racing, Tennis, and Golf. The Summer/Winter Olympics and Football European/World Cup bring all countries together in one place.


Compact Cabling Helps OB Truck Operators Run Their Business
Blog Category: Broadcast AV

Posted by: Werner Eich on November 12, 2012

Last month I visited a leading system integrator for TV studios and outside broadcast (OB) trucks. It is always impressive to see how full these trucks are packed with equipment for audio, video, intercoms, air conditioning and satellite dishes – and don’t forget the workspace for a crew of up to 25 people! Everything needs to be well thought-out to be clean, compact and super-efficient. In the end, this is a fully functioning professional TV studio on wheels… with two limitations: one, there’s much less space than in a permanent creation, production and delivery area; and two, there are the over-the-road axle weight requirements.

The OB truck that I saw will be used, once it’s finished, for football events only. For this kind of application, HD production has become a standard, but the system integrator also has to take into account the fact that the video signals can be run on 3D cameras as well. With each new OB truck they outfit, they further fine-tune and improve the design, equipment and capabilities, based on their experience with preceding trucks and changing end user specifications and applications.


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