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CCA Cable: 5 Reasons To Stay Away
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on August 13, 2015

When network infrastructure budgets are tight, it can be tempting to cut corners where you can. However, while copper clad aluminum cabling systems are offered as a cost-effective replacement for solid copper cable, they are anything but an effective solution. Learn 5 reasons why!


Tags: Copper Clad Aluminum, LAN, Copper Cabling

Netflix Decides to Move Completely to the Cloud
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on August 20, 2015

Netflix has announced plans to close its last privately owned data center in the next few months. This decision means the company will be one of the first of its size to rely solely on public cloud storage. But could the change of Netflix be a sign of more to come? Will other large organizations follow suit? How does company size and age impact cloud adoption? Does moving to the cloud help eliminate downtime issues? Read this post to find out!


Tags: Data Center, Hyperscale Data Centers, Cloud Adoption, Cloud Computing

Happy CX Day!
Blog Category: Belden News

Posted by: on October 06, 2015

If you haven’t heard of CX Day, it’s a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers. This year, CX Day falls on October 6, very close to the date that the Belden Customer Voice Survey is scheduled to start, October 14. We are asking our customers and partners for honest feedback to incorporate into our strategic priorities.


Tags: CX Day, Holiday

Category 6A: The Right Questions Make All the Difference
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on October 08, 2015

What sets a quality Category 6A cable apart from the rest? There are lots of Category 6A cables out there, but some offer better design, performance and installation than others. How can you select the one that will offer the characteristics you need? Here are some questions to ask before you invest in a Category 6A cabling system.


Tags: Category 6A, Copper Cabling

How to Get Started on Your Next Internet of Things Application
Blog Category: Belden News

Posted by: on December 16, 2015

Have you been asking yourself how you can begin to leverage all that the Internet of Things has to offer? After all, there’s a lot to gain from the Internet of Things, which links all your devices to the Internet, so they can communicate with each other. Well, look no further! Belden has created a new Internet of Things Resource Center packed with helpful tips and advice for Internet of Things applications in a variety of industries.


Ladder Racks: The Cable Management Factor
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on January 14, 2016

Ladder rack runways are effective, widely used cable management systems that support and deliver bundles of cable between cabinets, racks and closets, as well as along walls and suspended from ceilings. The right ladder rack runway system speeds up deployment time, maximizes space, optimizes cable bandwidth and provides for maximum cabling density.
Let’s cover a few key elements of ladder rack runways that ensure successful cable management and a safe pathway from point A to point B for high-bandwidth cable.


Tags: Data Center, Holistic Design, Data Center Ready

How To Meet ANSI/TIA-4966 Standards and Futureproof School LANs
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on February 12, 2016

In schools, high-speed, high-density local area networks (LANs) must meet the demands of students, faculty, staff and parents. To address these unique requirements, ANSI/TIA-4966 was released in May 2014. Nothing in the ANSI/TIA-4966 standard conflicts with ANSI/TIA-568 standards for commercial buildings, but there are a few notable differences you should understand...


Tags: LAN, Local Area Network, Wireless

How Data Center Consultants and Managers May Benefit from Open Compute
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on February 18, 2016

Open Compute offers the ability to standardize data center components (racks, switches, servers and storage) which can prevent problems like varying rack heights, cabling issues and equipment/rack mismatches. But it’s not just about open hardware – it’s also about the open software that runs the system. Check out the benefits that may one day make Open Compute the industry norm …


Tags: Data Center, Hyperscale Data Centers

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