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Move from “Fix it” to “Build it” with Holistic Data Center Design
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on June 05, 2013

Whether upgrading a Data Center or building one from scratch, Data Center managers typically have two main considerations on their mind—cost and reliability. However, there is a lot more to the puzzle, and it starts with the acceptance of an often overlooked fact: A Data Center built only for the requirements of today can be a Data Center destined to fail in the future.

A Data Center cannot just serve existing needs—it has to meet the projected demands for the future. Unfortunately, upgrades have often been completed with a short-sighted “fix it” mentality where Data Center managers strive to just fill in gaps without a true 360-degree perspective. Cost has often been measured by how much it will take to implement a solution, rather than how much it will take to operate and its total effect on the facility. For example, Data Center managers often narrowly focus on the long-term benefit of a solution (and probably some hype), rather than asking themselves what the new solution will cost to run on a daily basis, if it truly offers a return on investment (ROI), whether ramp-up time is required for employees and how exactly a solution fits within the long-term goals of the business.

The good news is that Data Center managers can move from a "fix it" to a "build it" mentality through holistic design principles.


Tags: Data Center, Holistic Design, Trends, Redundancy, Agility, Modularity, TCO, DCIM, Energy Efficiency

What’s Hot & What’s Not at DatacenterDynamics
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on July 03, 2013

The Data Center market is rapidly evolving to meet business needs and customer demand for information anytime, anywhere and on any device.

At the same time, businesses are shifting away from focusing on the capital expenditure (CAPEX) to build a data center and instead basing decisions on total operating expenditures (OPEX) and return on investment.

In response, many Data Centers are moving to multi-tenant colocation environments and implementing cost-effective strategies like consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing. To remain agile in this evolving market while coping with flat IT and operations budgets, teams must come together and take a more holistic approach to data center design, management, construction, tier leveling, redundancy, energy efficiency and linear expandability.


Tags: Data Center, DataCenterDynamics, Agility, Energy Efficiency

Understanding the Latest "…izations" of Data Center Design
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on July 23, 2013

By now, we all understand the term “virtualization” in reference to server environments in the data center, but there are some new “…izations” being thrown around that deserve a closer look. The terms “standardization,” “modularization” and “industrialization” are some of the recent buzz words being used to describe effective data center design, and often these terms are used interchangeably with little knowledge of what they actually mean and how they work together for effective holistic data center design. Let’s take a closer look at these three “…izations” of data center design.


Tags: Data Center, Data Center Ready, Modularity, Standardization, Industrialization

Cloud Computing—Adopters, Promises and Considerations
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on July 30, 2013

With Cisco forecasting a 20% annual growth rate for cloud computing adoption through 2016, and Gartner predicting 80% adoption by 2022, those who don’t yet have their heads in the cloud might be wondering who these adopters are and if cloud computing is right for you.

Early adopters of cloud computing are the federal government and large chain retail companies with some pharmaceutical, high-tech and scientific entities adopting a hybrid approach whereby they use cloud computing for non-critical applications such as prescription fulfillment and email.


Tags: Cloud Computing, Cloud Adoption, Data Center

Power Distribution Units – One Size Does Not Suit All
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on August 13, 2013

Selecting power distribution units (PDUs) is a lot like buying a new suit. You can simply buy one off the rack at a department store where there might be three or four standard styles in stock, but you will likely not end up with a perfect fit. Or you could hire a tailor to custom make a suit, but you might have to wait a lot longer and ultimately end up spending a lot more for something you might not necessarily need.

As with both PDUs and suits, somewhere in the middle are vendors that offers a wide range of selections in various styles with all the available features you need to consider for a perfect fit. Let’s take a look at what some of those features and considerations for PDUs.


Tags: Power Distribution Units, Power Management

Is White the New Black?
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on September 04, 2013

Lately there has been a lot of buzz regarding the use of lighter colored cabinets and enclosures, fueled partly by Cisco Systems’ and HP’s deployment of white cabinets in their data center as a means to improve visibility. And they’re not the only ones. Several other large data centers are going lighter.

Does this mean the end of the timeless black racks and cabinets that originally differentiated us from the telco providers? While black may have once seemed sleek and cool, it now seems that there are significant benefits to using lighter-colored cabinets and enclosures.


Tags: Data Center

A Closer Look at Passive Chimney Containment
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on September 18, 2013

One of the fundamentals of operating an efficient Data Center is to eliminate the mixing of hot and cold air that can lead to significant Computer Room Air Conditioner/Computer Room Air Handler (CRAC/CRAH) inefficiencies. That’s where containment comes in.

There are many containment solutions available in the data center market—all designed to apply cold air to the IT equipment inlets and direct hot exhaust air back to CRAC/CRAH units without mixing with cooler air.

Personally, I was never a fan of chimney containment until Denis Blouin, my friend and Belden’s Product Line Manager for rack and enclosure solutions, introduced me to the concept. Due to its simplicity and the efficiencies that can be achieved when properly deployed, chimneys have now become one of my favorite containment methods. Let’s start by looking at passive chimneys.


Tags: Data Center

A Closer Look at Active Chimney Containment
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: on September 26, 2013

In my last blog, we took a look at passive chimney containment as a means to provide separation of hot and cold air in the data center.

A major challenge in managing an efficient data center is providing the proper balance between cold aisle temperature, IT equipment fan speed and hot air return temperature. While maintaining a perfect balance is not always easy, active chimney containment can hit the sweet spot of efficiency—especially in higher density environments.

The Active Approach

Unlike passive chimney solutions, an active chimney includes intelligence or components that actively move air from the hot aisle side of the cabinet to the CRAC/CRAH return.


Tags: Active Chimney Containment, Data Center

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