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Come Check Us Out at BICSI
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Stéphane Bourgeois on February 12, 2015

The Belden booth at the upcoming BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition will be one that you will not want to miss!

We will be featuring several new data center solutions that maximize efficiency and optimize deployments. Come enjoy a tour of our new flexible, high-performance Aisle Containment System with innovative panels that support either cold- or hot-aisle containment for higher heat loads and improved cooling system efficiency.



The Wire of Wave 2 Wireless
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Stéphane Bourgeois on February 26, 2015

There are some exciting new developments in the world of BASE-T Ethernet and wireless.

Last November, the IEEE 802.3 working group held a Call for Interest (CFI) on the need to develop the next generation BASE-T for wireless access points (WAPs). The main issues raised in the CFI were that next generation 802.11ac Wave 2 devices will require multi-gigabit Ethernet data rates, and that there is a gap between the 1 Gb/s and the 10 Gb/s data rates needed to support Wave 2 devices.

The IEEE 802.11ac wireless standard was approved in December 2013. Current Wave 1 devices are using 80 MHz channels and Single-User Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) antennas with a maximum radio speed of 1.3 Gb/s. To support these devices, the network connection speed needs to be at least 75% of the radio speed. Therefore gigabit Ethernet connections over Category 6 or high-end Category 5e cabling are adequate to support Wave 1 devices.


Tags: LAN, Copper Cabling, Wireless

Power to the Cable
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Stéphane Bourgeois on March 19, 2015

Since it first came on the scene in July 2003 with the ratification of the IEEE 802.1af standard, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has become a “must have” for LAN deployments.

The first iteration, Type 1, had the ability to deliver up to 15.4 W of power over two pairs of a telecommunications cable from the source to support VoIP phones and other devices. The second iteration, IEEE 802.3at-2009 Standard, also known as PoE Plus, had the ability to deliver up to 30 W of power over two pairs from the source to the powered device. Even so, it wasn’t the most efficient and many IP-based devices now simply require more power.


Tags: LAN, Copper Cabling, PoE

Installing Category 6A: The Future is Now
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Stéphane Bourgeois on April 09, 2015

Category 6A twisted-pair copper received much attention when it first hit the marketplace in 2005. But adoption has been slow, since the 10 gigabit per second (Gb/s) capacity of Category 6A exceeds the requirements of most LAN applications. However, times are now changing. Data rates in the enterprise continue to climb. More devices than ever are being connected. Emerging applications demand higher performance and faster speeds. And those trends haven’t escaped the notice of industry standards bodies.


Tags: Category 6A, LAN

6 Key Considerations When Choosing Category 6A Cable
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Stéphane Bourgeois on April 16, 2015

Last week’s blog post covered the uses for Category 6A cable, including emerging applications and recommendations for adoption by industry standards bodies. This week, we take a look at the factors that go into the choice of a Category 6A cable. While all Category 6A products must meet the same base set of specifications, they are surprisingly different in their physical properties, and how well they deliver at the extremes of performance. Those extremes are important, because the extremes of today are the expectations of tomorrow.

Here are the key considerations to weigh when choosing a Category 6A cable.


Tags: Category 6A, Copper Cabling, 10gxs

Copper Cable in a Wireless World
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Stéphane Bourgeois on August 06, 2015

We may be a wireless world, but we still need wire. We may need less wire than in the past, but devices requiring wireless networks also call for high-performance, quality wired infrastructure with cable that can handle increasing traffic and constantly changing technology and standards.


Tags: Copper Cabling, Category 6A, LAN

Optimize Passive Optical LANs with Structured Cabling
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Stéphane Bourgeois on September 17, 2015

Passive optical LANs (POLANs) have been gaining traction as an alternative to traditional switch-based Ethernet LANs due to benefits such as space savings, reduced installation cost and lower power consumption. Still, there has been some unease in the industry regarding the ability of POLANs to measure up. Let’s take a closer look at optimizing POLANs with structured cabling to overcome concerns and reduce adoption risk...


Tags: Fiber, POLAN, Passive Optical LAN, LAN

POLANs & Structured Cabling: Key Compliance Considerations
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Stéphane Bourgeois on October 01, 2015

A POLAN includes an optical line terminal (OLT), passive optical splitters and optical network terminals (ONTs) that connect via singlemode fiber. When deploying POLANs over structured cabling, there are key factors to consider to maintain TIA standards compliance. Learn the top three!


Tags: POLAN, Passive Optical LAN

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