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Making Cyber Security & NERC CIP Compliance Easier for Electric Utilities
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: Gary DiFazio on February 24, 2016

With the acquisition of Tripwire in 2015, Belden expanded its industrial cyber security offerings to include proactive security monitoring and regulatory compliance solutions. What exactly do these solutions bring to ICS security?

In short Tripwire solutions give visibility into the control network for things like unauthorized/unexpected changes, insecure configurations and identifying assets vulnerable to known exploits. This visibility provides situational awareness so that control engineers can keep the network operational.

Tripwire also provides compliance solutions that reduce costs for audit preparation by automating reporting and the collection of evidence. In particular, Tripwire offers a NERC CIP Solution Suite that helps utilities meet some of the more difficult CIP requirements – CIP-005, CIP-007 and CIP-010.

Let’s examine how Tripwire/Belden solutions are being used by one sector, bulk electricity suppliers, to reduce the costs and complexity associated with NERC CIP compliance as well as improve cyber security defenses.


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