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ICS Security: Essential Firewall Concepts
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: Jeff Lund on May 04, 2016

While there are many benefits that have come to ICS and SCADA networks through the increased use of standard networking and Internet technologies, it has made the need to secure them ever more critical.

Firewalls play an important role in blocking threats and containing internal cyber incidents that could impact safety, reliability and productivity. They control the flow of communications and filter packets to block or contain harmful network traffic.

There are a number of technologies used to filter packets including Access Control Lists, Stateful Inspection and Deep Packet Inspection.

This article examines the essential firewall filtering concepts you need to know to make informed choices for designing a Defense in Depth security architecture.


How to Get Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things
Blog Category: Industrial Ethernet

Posted by: Jeff Lund on March 30, 2016

The goals of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are the same goals that industry has had forever: reducing downtime, cutting costs and staying competitive.

What’s different about the next industrial revolution is how the goals will be met. This time the breakthrough in innovation involves interconnectivity and the self-regulation of machines, along with a dose of Big Data, to drive continuous improvement processes.

Getting from today’s practices to tomorrow’s cannot be done in one giant leap; it is an evolutionary process. Let’s look at the changes that are occurring and the steps you can take now to move forward on the IIoT journey.


The Industrial Internet of Things Journey: 4 Predictions
Blog Category: Industrial Ethernet

Posted by: Jeff Lund on May 18, 2016

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing both automation systems and business systems. More and more data is flowing into and out of industrial control systems, leading to business benefits such as better asset utilization, lower energy consumption and improved supply chain management.

As I have described in a previous article, the IIoT is not a destination but a journey. What will this journey look like over the next 12-36 months?

One perspective is that of the ARC Advisory Group who published an interesting article “10 IIoT Predictions for 2016 and Beyond.”

Four of the ARC predictions in particular resonated with me. I hope that my comments about them will provide you with some insights on what to expect as you and your organization move forward towards Industry 4.0.


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