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Comparing Passive Optical Networks and Passive Optical LANs
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Matt Hurst on August 12, 2016

With all this talk of smart buildings, convergence and the Internet of Things, it’s important to remember: The only way a building or business can benefit from these trends is by having the right network backbone (LAN) in place.

Today’s networks must be able to ensure uptime, plenty of bandwidth, security and scalability – ideally while keeping energy, cooling, material and labor costs to a minimum.

For this reason, passive optical LANs (POLANs or POLs) are starting to be considered for new deployments. But what distinguishes a passive optical LAN from a passive optical network?


Tags: POLAN, LAN, Passive Optical LAN

6 Reasons to Consider Splice-On Connectors
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Matt Hurst on October 21, 2016

A new type of connector technology combines the benefits of fusion splicing with the simplicity of a field-installable connector to expand our options for field-termination: the splice-on connector. Technicians are embracing the splice-on connector for outside plant environments, data center installations and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) networks.

As splice-on connectors become more popular, here are six reasons why you may want to consider them for your network.


8 Patch Panel Features for Easier Brownfield Network Deployment
Blog Category: Data Centers

Posted by: Matt Hurst on March 24, 2017

If you’ve got an upcoming LAN deployment project, chances are good that it’s being installed into an existing building. These types of LAN installations are known as “brownfields” – where installers have to work around existing building infrastructure when installing new structured cabling systems. Also, it is likely that brownfield network installation will involve a fiber backbone deployment.


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