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What Industrial Automation Teams Can Learn from Soccer Stadiums: A Q&A with Ute Decker
Blog Category: Industrial Ethernet

Posted by: Ute Decker on March 15, 2017

While they don’t look like traditional industrial settings, outdoor sporting venues face similar harsh, environmental conditions to utility and manufacturing sites. The similarities don’t end there. The communication in these stadiums is also considered mission-critical – ensuring patrons not only have an enjoyable experience during the game, but that they enter the arena in a systematic, timely and safe manner.

To accommodate the growing numbers of fans at sporting events, stadiums need a fast, reliable and robust network communication structure that can operate under harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures and exposure to moisture, noise and vibration. The ability of sporting venues to withstand these conditions, while also quickly transferring large quantities of data, is critical for avoiding long lines, improving visitor safety and seamlessly broadcasting the games to viewers worldwide.

Belden recently worked with VfB Stuttgart, one of the largest soccer stadiums in Germany, to upgrade its communication infrastructure for better control of the entire sporting facility.

Read this case study to discover how this type of industrial automation can help enhance data speed and reliability.


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