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Effective Security Requires Involved Leadership
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on April 18, 2012

This article is provided by Ernie Hayden of Verizon. Ernie is the "Managing Principal – Energy Security" with Verizon's Global Energy & Utilities practice. He can be reached at, 206-458-8761.

Note from Eric Byres: As cyber threats directed at industry become more common, it is important for top executives to become involved with their organization's cyber security policies. The following article by Ernie Hayden comments on the situation from an IT perspective. My point of view is that today's threats to operational systems merit the same degree of management attention. Enjoy Ernie's article and make use of the data in Verizon's excellent report.


SCADA Security Demystified in 5 Short Videos
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: on August 02, 2012

Engineers as well as IT staff in the process control and SCADA industries have varying levels of knowledge about industrial cyber security. We come across this regularly when talking to people at industry events or speaking with customers or partners. To help you, no matter where you are in the learning curve, we have recently released a five-part video series.


Shamoon: Malicious Malware Harms 30,000+ Computers
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: on October 29, 2012

Ed. Note: This is a significant update to an article first published on Sept 25, 2012. The original article is available as a download in Related Links.

The most destructive post-Stuxnet discovery of advanced threats is a malicious malware known as Shamoon. Like Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame, it targeted energy companies in the Middle East, this time Saudi Aramco, Qatar's RasGas and likely other oil and gas concerns in the region. It is a new species however, because it did not disrupt an industrial process as Stuxnet did, nor did it stealthily steal business information as Flame and Duqu did. Instead it removed and overwrote the information on the hard drives of 30,000 to 55,000 (yes, those numbers are correct!) workstations of Saudi Aramco (and who knows how many more at other firms).


ICS Security Requires an Overall Perspective
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on February 18, 2013

Editor's Note: this is an excerpt from the Pike Research Blog.

The story goes that a group of business people were stranded on a desert island with a bountiful supply of canned and therefore imperishable food, but no way to open the cans. As the group struggled to find a solution the lone economist in the group piped up, “Assume a can opener…”

Sometimes it seems that’s how we approach industrial control systems (ICS) security. “Assume a secure perimeter…” It’s not fair to expect any single product or any single vendor to provide complete security for ICS networks, and yet we seem stuck in a world of point-solution purchases and security without any overriding architecture. It’s as if we’re saying, “If I can just get me some [insert technology of the week], then I’ll be secure.”


Not All SCADA Security Attacks are Stuxnet Quality
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on March 08, 2013

Last week I received am email (shown further down on this page) purporting to be from the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Notice that the US Internal Revenue Service now uses Cyrillic script on its staff email addresses! And they use AOL as an email service, rather than (Is the US budget sequestration really hurting that badly? )

The third fun item is that the link you are supposed to click on ( actually resolves to

(Note to Prospect Realty – you might want to secure your web site a little better.)


Securing SCADA Systems: Consider Compensating Controls for More Reliable Operation
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on April 19, 2013

Editor's Note: This article was contributed by Thomas Nuth, product marketing manager.

Three years ago, the concept of industrial cyber security became a popular discussion topic within the industrial networking community. Now the discussion has risen to the level of heads of state within the international community. The Executive Order – Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity signed by President Obama in February of this year is just one indication of the importance being attached to this issue.

What’s also interesting is the change in focus of this discussion topic. The key question has changed from an interested “Why do we need to secure our industrial network?” to a frantic “How do we do it?”


The NIST Cybersecurity Framework – A Step Forward or a Waste of Money
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: Industrial IT Team on December 04, 2013

You may have heard the buzz in the press (both US and International) about the release of the Cybersecurity Framework Draft from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). However if you are like most of us, you don’t really understand what it may mean to you as a control system or security professional. Is this just another expenditure of tax payer dollars? Bureaucratic announcements no one will read? Or a document that could change the way you secure your company’s ICS and SCADA systems? This blog will give you an overview of the genesis of this document and then provide some useful points on what it could mean to the ICS/SCADA world.


Time to Pay Attention to the NIST Guide to ICS Security
Blog Category: Industrial Security

Posted by: on July 09, 2014

Time to Pay Attention to the NIST Guide to ICS Security

About 6 months ago I wrote an article for this blog about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. The article described how the framework came to be, what it is, what it is supposed to do and what you should do about it.

If you have any interest in industrial cyber security you will want to download the latest version of the framework and have it on hand for reference. If you are in a critical infrastructure industry your organization needs to go one step further and become familiar with its content.

In this article I am going to discuss the newly revised ICS Security Guideline – NIST 800-82 Rev. 2 – and offer some useful thoughts on it.


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