Industrial Network Certification

Helping you succeed with an excellent network

Your business needs a new or significantly upgraded network and you are a key person on the project.You may be a rock star at making products or programming PLCs…but designing Ethernet networks is not your strength.

Expert network design

The Belden Certified Industrial Network program comes with two sets of networking experts focused on your project:

  1. One of these is a Belden Certified Industrial Network Provider that has been trained and accredited by Belden.  
  2. The other is Belden’s own networking professionals.

We work together along with you to design, install, configure, and test your network—making sure that it meets and exceeds the real-time control and reliability needs of your organization.

High performing products

The network we create will include high performing products from Belden’s market leading brands.These are:

  • Hirschmann and GarrettCom industrial switches and routers
  • Tofino industrial security products
  • Lumberg Automation industrial connectivity products
  • Belden industrial cables

We have the broadest portfolio of industrially hardened equipment and media of any vendor, and once we know your needs we can recommend the right components for you.

Flexibility for the future

Likely soon after your new network is up and running you will find yourself needing to make changes to it.That is the reality of production nowadays.

As far as your Belden Certified Industrial Network is concerned, we’ll make sure its design includes growth capability and that you have our Expansion Guidelines.   

  • In many cases you can make changes and retain the network’s certification. 
  • If significant changes are required, we will recertify very efficiently since we are building on a solid infrastructure.

Exceptional warranties

One of the best things about a Belden Certified Industrial Network is that it comes with a greatly expanded warranty that reduces your total cost of ownership.   

These warranties should cover the useful life of the equipment and media used in your Belden Certified Industrial Network.

Peace of mind: a reliable, high performing network

A Belden Certified Industrial Network means peace of mind for you and your team: It will be:

This allows you to focus on what you do best, taking advantage of a very reliable and high performing network.

Be Certain. Be Belden Certified.


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