Industrial Network Certification Providers

Build an industrial Ethernet networking  business

You are a:

  • system integrator
  • machine builder
  • automation vendor

who designs and installs automation systems that include  industrial Ethernet networks.

Recognizing that Ethernet is prevalent in new automation  architectures you are interested in building your business in synch with the rapid  adoption of industrial Ethernet networks. 

To help you do that, Belden offers a new certification and  training program that provides you with the products, tools and services needed  to stand out in the marketplace.

Receive expert Belden training

A key benefit of participating in the program is the  training you will receive on designing, installing and testing Belden Certified  Industrial Networks for a variety of applications. 

This training is delivered by Belden’s own networking  experts, the same people you will consult with to have customers’ networks  “Belden Certified”.  During training you  will learn Belden’s best practices and standard work processes that ensure the  delivery of very reliable and high performing industrial Ethernet networks.

Becoming a Belden Certified Industrial Network Provider will  distinguish your organization from other networking providers.

It allows you to offer industrial networks designed,  reviewed and approved by two sets of networking experts, your firm plus Belden,  and provides the unique benefits described below.

Provide High Performing Products

The  networks created under this program will include high performing products from  Belden’s market leading brands.  These include:

  • Hirschmann and GarrettCom industrial switches  and routers
  • Tofino industrial security products
  • Lumberg Automation industrial connectivity  products
  • Belden industrial cables

We  have the broadest portfolio of industrially hardened equipment and media of any  vendor, allowing you to recommend just the right components to customers.

Set Your Service Apart with Exceptional Warranties 

By  participating in this program you will be able to offer customers the best  warranties in the business, reducing their total cost of ownership:

  • Instead of a 5 year (or less) warranty on  networking components such as switches, the customer will receive a limited  lifetime warranty against defects and workmanship.
  • For Belden cable and connectivity products, instead  of a 2-3 year warranty, the customer will receive a 25 year warranty against  defects and workmanship. 

These  warranties should cover the useful life of the equipment and media used, and help  set your services apart from others.

Ongoing, Close Customer Relationships

As  soon as a new network is up and running, it needs to be changed.  That’s the reality of production  nowadays. 

When  this happens, your customers will contact you to see how the change impacts  their “Belden Certified” warranty status.  While the networks created under this program will have “headroom” for  growth, major changes will need to be discussed with your organization and with  Belden. 

This  requirement results in an ongoing conversation with your customers, and gives  you the first chance to be involved with upgrades and new projects.

Belden Certified Industrial Network  Provider – A Competitive Advantage

Becoming a Belden Certified Industrial Network Provider  gives you numerous competitive advantages:

  • You will receive expert industrial Ethernet  networking training using market leading products. 
  • You will stand out by offering networks backed  not just by your company, but also by Belden. 
  • You will provide high performing products with  the best warranties in the business. 
  • Customers will be in contact with you regarding  changes to their networks, providing an ongoing source of revenue. 

Add it up and it is a great way to grow your business.

Be Certain. Become a  Belden Certified Industrial Network Provider.

For  information on:

  • The Requirements for becoming a Belden Certified  Industrial Network Provider
  • The Training and Certification Process
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Belden’s Product Portfolio
  • The Terms and Conditions of the Program


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