Long Term Product Support

Long Term Product Support: Overview

There are a number of reasons which cause a product to near the end of its production cycle. In many cases, as products mature they are replaced by richer technology. Other reasons for ending the service of a product include changing industry standards, lack of demand from the market, significant changes in the product itself, or the technology has come to a point where it is no longer cost effective.

Our Long Term Product Support Policy for the GarrettCom, Hirschmann and Tofino Security industrial networking products provides:

  • customers with 12 months’ notice of discontinuation and
  • ensures that support is available throughout the standard warranty periods.

For more information, click on the Long Term Product Support policy available at the link above.

Product Support Status

The following products are nearing the end of their production cycle.  For more information on the status of each product, click on the product link.




Tofino Security