Using the right communication solution to allow quick, safe and efficient transportation of goods

The challenge: In today's material handling market, OEMs are faced with a number of concerns when specifying and choosing the communication infrastructure. In order to allow quick, safe and efficient transportation of goods on a conveyor system, a highly reliable communication solution that fulfills the local wiring regulations and local approvals is needed.

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The current trend to reduce costs and inventory leads to highly flexible and cost-effective solutions that are globally available within short delivery-times. Moving parts and harsh environments stress the components within the system. Therefore, you should use only industrial designed products that have been engineered and tested to withstand vibrations, dust, humidity, temperature fluctuation, acids and oils and physical movements.

Maximum system availability and reliability from a single global source

At the core of your material handling system lies a communication network that must deliver efficient, secure and seamless data flow. At Belden, you'll find a comprehensive, future-proof portfolio of communication and wiring solutions that perfectly fit your requirements and guarantee maximum uptime.

Choose variable-frequency AC motor drive output VFD cables to guarantee maximum system reliability and safety and extend the lifetime of your motor

Robust ground and shielding prevents interaction between systems and minimizes noise
Maximum and thicker industrial-grade XLP insulation provide low-capacitance for extended motor life
Reduced wall thickness withstands voltage spikes and increases the efficiency of power transfer
Prevent damage of expensive equipment with a cable that withstands thermal stress

Smarter integration of high-tech equipment by using MachFlex Data & Vision Cables

Reliable up to 1 million flex cycles
Available as flex-paired or coax cables
Maximum uptime even in the most extreme environments and within large temperature ranges
Greater flex life achieved by the absence of core conductors
Intelligent positioning of the insulated core conductors avoids torque

Get a highly flexible, all-in-one solution with the LioN-Power Active I/O system

Multiprotocol solutions for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT
Shielded and unshielded M12 power connectors (L-Coded) for distances up to 17 meters
Maximum uptime even in harsh industrial environments due to fully potted IP69k metal housings
Simple installation caused by compact design and optimized connectivity arrangements
Future-proof your connectivity of intelligent IO-Link sensors and actuators critical for today's and tomorrows IIoT factory

Order standard or customized bulk cable, patch cables and field terminated connectors from the industry's broadest portfolio

Customized industrial cable and connectivity solutions for material handling and robotic systems as well as food and beverage that can markedly reduce total cost of ownership
Broad range of analog sensor / actuator signal cables, cordsets and field attachable connectors for connection of automation systems end points
Most comprehensive portfolio of Industrial Ethernet cable and connectivity products that withstand exposure to oil, chemicals, rough handling, abrasion and temperature variations, with global approvals and data rates up to 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps
Large range of L-, D- and X-coded connectors and cordsets

VFD Cable Solutions Brochure

Add a highly reliable and innovative high performance VFD cable to secure your investments

Belden Industrial Ethernet Copper Cabling Product Bulletin

Be certain with Belden—proven to be the best choice for industrial Ethernet applications

Maintaining Reliability and Uptime of Critical Connected Systems in Industrial Settings

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Improve the longevity of the connectivity products in your application.

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