High quality, cost effective wiring, connectivity and communication solutions ensure uninterrupted smooth communication even in harsh environments with high safety and hygienic requirements

The challenge: Revenue in the food and beverage industry depends on customer demand. And demand is influenced by population growth, consumption and disposable income. For each company, profitability depends on operational efficiency.

For efficiency assessment, the process/wash-down area of a production facility plays a very critical role. This area is closely monitored on a state and federal level, with various hygienic and safety regulations – components and products used in this area may come into direct contact with the food, and workers may contact the component surfaces and thereafter the food. Intensive cleaning, temperature fluctuation, acids, oils and dust create a harsh environment in which the components are used.

Providing a complete solution for the production process area through a wide and integrated product portfolio

Belden can help you build an uninterrupted and smooth communication solution that delivers highly reliable data transfer even under challenging industrial conditions.

Functional reliability even at high temperatures and when using high-pressure cleaners with Wash-Down connectors and cordsets

Suitable for use in areas where stringent rules of hygiene apply, such as in the food and beverage sector or the chemical and pharmaceutical industries – carries the ECOLAB seal of approval
Save money and time with fast, easy installation
UL certification for temperatures up to +90°C
Industrial protection classes IP67, IP68 and IP69K enable high pressure cleaning without impairing the durability of products

Get user-friendly and cost-effective entry-level Industrial Ethernet unmanaged switches

Maximum reliability achieved by robust Industrial Ethernet switches with temperature ranges from -40°C up to +70°C in different housings with various IP Ratings up to waterproof housings (IP67)
Future-proof – Designed for Gigabit speed for machine vision and other applications, making it possible to transmit high volumes of data quickly
Excellent price/performance ratio (price per port) ensures cost-savings
Increased performance and a simple way to network devices in a line or star topology
Easy and seamless integration and installation

Reliable connection from operating environment to active equipment by choosing the robust and versatile Belden MIPP (Modular Industrial Patch Panel) for both fiber and copper cables

Cost and space saving – very high port density and multiple cable entry points for different applications and mountings
Robust UL certified solution in industrial DIN-rail housing
Maximum flexibility due to different modular housings and the possibility for fiber splicing and copper termination in one solution
Future-proof – simply swap modules to meet new network demands or add blind modules at initial installation

Industrial cables that provide the performance and reliability needed to keep your connections strong and your automation up and running, even in the harshest mission-critical operating environments

Reliable communication on the machine or between machines, as well as between the plant and production floor, guaranteed by best-in-class industrial cables
Copper Ethernet cables and cordsets offer variants equipped for protection from water, dust, contact, vibration, heat and flame
DataTuff Ethernet cordsets with RJ45 products are built specifically for use in mission-critical and harsh environments
Fiber Ethernet Cabling solutions designed specifically for industrial use – the right cabling choices for challenging communication requirements
Broad portfolio offering multi-conductor, paired and sensor/actuator cables

User-friendly entry-level SPIDER Ethernet Switches with the quality and reliability you expect

Attractively priced SPIDER family for customers looking for a low-cost, highly reliable and simple unmanaged Ethernet switch

Wash-Connectors and cordsets

Standardized connection technology for wash-down areas

The industrial-strength termination and patching Solution from Belden

Robust quality, easy installation and high port density by using the Belden MIPP

Maintaining Reliability and Uptime of Critical Connected Systems in Industrial Settings

Built to Last image
Improve the longevity of the connectivity products in your application.

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