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Because we understand that each home installation has its own set of needs and expectations, Belden offers an extensive line of audio/visual and security, control and alarm solutions that are well-suited for a wide range of residential applications including high-speed Internet access, networked computers and peripherals, such as printers and scanners, with high-speed Ethernet capabilities, distributed video and shared access to home entertainment components such as DVDs, VCRs and CD players, distributed audio for stereos and home theater systems, cable modems, multiple telephone lines, video monitors and security systems, light and energy management systems and home office systems

Belden manufactures all of its solutions to meet or exceed the most rigorous quality processes in the industry and has been long-recognized as creating the industry's most sophisticated and innovative solutions for residential applications.Our large partner network ensures comprehensive design, delivery, installation and post-installation support.

Find out how others in the Residential market have benefited from using Belden solutions.

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