Meeting the bandwidth demands of onboard applications


The on-train network philosophy is changing. The whole train now needs to be considered as one integrated network. This concept is at the core at the new series of IEC standards; IEC EN 61375 "Train Communication Network (TCN)" and IEC EN 62580 "Onboard Multimedia and Telematic Subsystems for Railways." As a market leading supplier of onboard Ethernet systems, Belden is a key member of the IEC working groups writing these standards.

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Ethernet Train Backbone Functionality and more

Onboard network design is moving from multiple individual Bus systems supporting specific data networks to a single integrated Ethernet network. With a combined portfolio of Ethernet system elements, Belden is uniquely positioned to be your preferred supplier for rail industry networks.

Choose OCTOPUS switches rated for IP67/IP54

Available with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
ETBN (IEC61375) functionality
Fiber or copper switching capability
Compact, rugged design - fit and forget
Compact design, fits in tight spaces

OCTOPUS Switches

Ruggedized Wireless Devices for error free data transmission


Available in 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, using MIMO antenna technology
Car to Car (C2C) function automatically copes with any train reconfigurations
Gigabit Ethernet ports with proven M12 connection technology
Built in PRP technology eliminates packet loss

OWL Cellular RouterOpenBAT Wireless Platform

Cabling and Connectivity for market leading bandwidth performance


Unique, highly stranded conductor design offers increased cable flex life
Pre terminated patch cable with M12 X coded and D coded connectors
With temperature ratings up to +85(degree Celsius) - Class TX of IEC50155
Up to 10Gbps on board performance

RailTuff Cables M12 Certified Connectors

Mass Transit Systems for Rail On Board Applications

Meeting and exceeding all data rate requirements for today and tomorrow.

CCTV Systems and More

Using technology to attract and protect today's train travellers

Staying Connected

Wi-Fi and Evolving Technology in Public Transportation

Wireless innovations drive 21st century rail travel

Train-to-ground communication is an essential technology

Wireles improves railway experience and operations

Not every Ethernet-based network can be planned

Advancing Railway Communication and Control with Sound Networking

To meet growing capacity concerns and deliver wireless networks




Industrial Wireless Technology for Railway Systems

Learn the key criteria for successful integration of wireless applications.

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Train-to-Ground Communictaion

Explore the impact wireless is having on train-to-ground systems, including Communications Based Train Control (CBTC), Passenger Information System (PIS) and Surveillance Video (CCTV).

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