Urban economies rely more and more on Intelligent Traffic Solutions


With over 1.2 billion cars in the world, monitoring and managing traffic flow has never been more important to the safety and efficiency of our increasingly cluttered urban road networks.

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Robust and Reliable Solutions for Safe and Efficient Traffic Flow

Ethernet-based Intelligent Traffic Solutions need to be completely reliable and robust, even under the most challenging conditions. Safety must not be compromised at any time, and systems should offer high availability throughout their long service life. Operators, manufacturers and systems integrators all rely on Belden to provide seamless solutions that meet their most advanced requirements with quality engineering, professional service and technical support.

Copper and Fiber Ethernet management solutions

Managed and unmanaged technology
19" Rack, DIN rail or bulkhead mounting variants
Up to IP67 rating
Switches, routers, WAN, media convertors and more

Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Enjoy data rates up to 450 Mbit/s with OpenBAT wireless LAN access points


Available in 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, using MIMO antenna technology
One or two wireless modules per access point
Gigabit Ethernet ports with proven M12 connection technology

Wireless Connectivity

Cabling solutions designed for outdoor deployment


Fiber and Copper solutions
Sharp rock and rodent resistance
Low smoke and zero halogen jackets
Weather and UV resistance
Direct burial cables

Ethernet Cables

Network for Concept Traffic Signal Systems in the City of Darmstadt

Belden Equips Traffic Control System in Darmstadt with Ultra-modern Industrial Ethernet Technology.

Delaware D.O.T. Uses Magnum DX900 Industrial Routers for Traffic Control

A Transportation Application.

GarrettCom 6K Switches Network

A Transportation Application.

Texas D.O.T. Uses Hardened Ethernet Switches

A Transportation Application.

Staying Connected

Wi-Fi and Evolving Technology in Public Transportation

Industrial Network Design for Physical Security Applicaions

Industrial Network Design for Physical Security Applicaions

Download this presentation and learn about new opportunties and best practices for physical security systems.

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Industrial Wireless Technology for Railway Systems

Learn the key criteria for successful integration of wireless applications.

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