Meet Passenger Expectations
with a Real Time Passenger
Information System


In our busy lives, we have grown to expect access to up-to-date information almost immediately. We want a continuous real-time flow from information systems. Providing passenger travel information based on static timetable data is no longer an option.

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Making your system an end-to-end, transportation-certified Ethernet infrastructure

Set up vehicle-to-ground connectivity. Install onboard and fixed infrastructure equipment. Connect to vehicle location or safety-critical signaling systems. Belden can help you build an interconnected Passenger Information network that delivers seamless data transfer and real-time access.

Onboard Ethernet Networks


Proven M12 technology
Managed and unmanaged solutions
PoE capability
IEC50155, EN45545-2 and E/e rated switches


OCTOPUS Switches RailTuff CablesM12 Certified Connectors


MACH1000 Switches

Vehicle-to-Ground Connectivity


A flexible platform concept for Wireless Products - over 8,000 variations
Clear Space - guarantees stable wireless connectivity
Data rates up to 450Mbps

OWL Cellular RouterOpenBAT Wireless Platform

Fixed Infrastructure Ethernet Networks


Copper or fiber with redundancy functionality
Firewall and Deep Packet Inspection functionality
Hot-swappable plug-in power units

Rack Mount Switches Managed SwitchesSecurity & Firewalls


Industrial Ethernet Cables

WiFi Onboard for Railway Applicaions

Maximise Passenger Information System Revenue by Adding Wi-Fi that Integrates Perfectly with Existing On-board Ethernet Technology

Mass Transit Systems for Rail On Board Applicaions

Cost Saving. Reliability. Competitive Advantage.

Rail Systems for Railway Signaling and Communication

With the latest innovations, Belden's rail approved networking, connectivity and cabling products are ideally suited to meet the requirements of the Rail Industry.

Staying Connected

Wi-Fi and Evolving Technology in Public Transportation

Train-to-Ground Communication

Explore the impact wireless is having on train-to-ground systems, including Communications Based Train Control (CBTC), Passenger Information System (PIS) and Surveillance Video (CCTV).

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