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Demands on urban railway system capacity have never been greater. Just consider the trend of increasing urbanization coupled with climate change, environmental concerns and increasing urban mobility to understand why. Through the use of exact, real-time, train positioning information, wireless signaling provides a solution to the capacity challenges and avoids the need for expensive and disruptive civil engineering capital projects.

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Communications Networks for Wireless Signaling Applications

Belden is uniquely positioned to offer a complete communications network - from onboard the train vehicle to train-to-ground communications to trackside. No other supplier can offer equal breadth of rail certified products (both switching and connectivity). Fast secure roaming, network latency, error rates and bandwidth are all challenges that can be overcome using products from the Belden portfolio.

Onboard Ethernet Networks


Future-proof solutions
Increased data rate capacity
End-to-end infrastructure portfolio

OCTOPUS Switches RailTuff CablesM12 Certified Connectors

Train-to-Ground Connectivity


Demonstrated Ethernet technology and expertise
Global application examples to share
Proven LTE alternatives available

OWL Cellular RouterOpenBAT Wireless Platform

Trackside Ethernet Networks


Engineered for resilience in harsh conditions
Compact designs for limited-space requirements
Secure and reliable over long distances

Rack Mount Switches Managed SwitchesSecurity & Firewalls


Industrial Ethernet Cables

Wireless LAN Controller from Hirschmann

Rail Systems for Railway Signaling and Communication

Meeting and exceeding all data rate requirements for today and tomorrow.

Mass Transit Systems for Rail On Board Applications

Meeting and exceeding all data rate requirements for today and tomorrow.

EtherNet/IP Based Networks Enable CBTC to Realize Increased Capacity

See a real CBTC application highlighting Belden's full portfolio of IEC (EN) 50155 and 50121-4 certified products, including switches, connectivity and cables, for everything from onboard the train to the Control Center.

Onboard Ethernet Networks

Hirschmann's GREYHOUND 1040 switches meet evolving network needs by enabling you to change or add devices, without taking your network offline.

Staying Connected

Wi-Fi and Evolving Technology in Public Transportation

Industrial Wireless Technology for Railway Systems

Learn the key criteria for successful integration of wireless applications. 

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Train-to-Ground Communication

Explore the impact wireless is having on train-to-ground systems, including Communications Based Train Control (CBTC), Passenger Information System (PIS) and Surveillance Video (CCTV). 

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