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HDBaseT™ Cable

Belden's 4K UHD Media Cables deliver 4K content over 100 meters in a unique, small, sleek design. These are not your ordinary category cables; they were designed specifically for 4K HDBaseT™ transmission and ease of installation. The pairs are made using Belden's patented Bonded Pair technology, known for its superior electrical performance and resistance to the rigors of installation. The single overall foil shield provides 100% protection from noise and saves significant termination time, eliminating the need to terminate individually shielded pairs or a braid.

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  • Small and Flexible: Up to 25% smaller than Category 7A and designed to be flexible
  • Resistant to Rigors of Installation: Belden's skin/foam insulation process provides the right amount of conductor adhesion for easier stripping and improved connector reliability.
  • Interoperable: Compared to SMPTE's return loss limit, Belden's Precision Video Coax provides significant RL headroom to account for potential losses elsewhere in the transmission line.
  • Easy to Terminate: The single shield eliminates the need to terminate individually shielded pairs or a braid. Combining the 4K UHD Media Cables with Belden's REVConnect connectivity system makes it the easiest to install, most reliable HDBaseT™ cabling solution available!
2183 4k UHD Media Cable

Individual Jacket Cables

Type Part Number Tech Data
Plenum 2183P Download
Riser 2183R Download


  • UL-LP (0.6A) to support 100W power


Category 6A Jacks

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Custom Broadcast Assemblies

Custom Broadcast Assemblies

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Custom Assemblies

Belden's consistency and reliability is also available in custom assemblies. Choose from various configurations, connectors and any length.

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4K UHD Applications

HDBaseT enables HDMI signals to be transmitted over balanced twisted-pair cabling. Learn more about this networking technology in this whitepaper.

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