SMPTE Camera Cable

SMPTE Camera Cable

When uncompressed high-definition cameras arrived in the broadcast facility, it was soon realized that copper cables could not carry these HD signals as far as their triax and coax predecessors. Even the largest coax can only go 1,000 feet or so when carrying HD-SDI video and many sports venues and similar large facilities need longer distances. SMPTE 311M is the solution that filled that requirement. Designed for high-definition (HD) cameras, these composite cables can multiplex audio signals and video signals and deliver power.

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  • Breadth of available options allows you to choose the SMPTE hybrid variation that best suits the needs of the application
  • Exceptional flexibility and yet rugged, UV-resistant Belflex outer jacket on most variations
  • Internal Stainless Steel strength member for added durability

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Cable Type Part Number Tech Data
Standard SMPTE 311M General 7804LW Download
Riser 7804R Download
Plenum 7804P Download
Waterblock 7804WB Download
Heavy Gauge SMPTE 311M Riser 7804C Download
3 Channel Stadium SMPTE 311M Riser 7824R Download
Plenum 7824P Download
Waterblock 7824WB Download
Electrical Camera Cable Riser 7825R Download
Plenum 7825P Download
12mm Double Jacket Studio SMPTE 311M General 7817A Download
Outdoor Harsh Environment 311M General 7818A Download


  • SMPTE 311M


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Custom Assemblies

Belden's consistency and reliability is also available in custom assemblies. Choose from various configurations, connectors and any length.

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