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Safety & Security Cable

To ensure optimum security installation performance, be sure to use Belden's New Generation Cables. This product line represents one of the largest, most economical and up-to-date selections of multi-conductor and coaxial products on the market today: A full complement of cables for Access Control, CCTV, Computer Interconnect, Alarm, Fire Alarm and other security applications - complete with water-blocked options for installation in intermittently wet environments.

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  • Unsurpassed quality and reliability
  • Wide range of standard options
  • Custom solutions available upon request


  • NEC riser and plenum rated; UL and C(UL) listed as applicable
  • Rip cords for easy jacket removal; sequental footage markings on the jacket to eliminate guesswork and waste
  • A unique composite cable design, Access Control Banana Peel strips away installation time and labor
Type Shielding Rating Tech Data Sheet
Access Control Cable Foil CMP and CMR Download
Communication & Control Cable Download
Security Alarm & Sound Cable Download
Fire Alarm Cables Download
Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camera Cables Download
Surveillance Coax (CCTV) Download
Security CATV/MATV Download


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Emerging applications are demanding it, standards are recommending it, and many barriers are no longer relevant.

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