CAT 6 Couplers

CAT 6 Couplers

The CAT 6 Coupler is a female-to-female RJ45 connector designed to be used within the 3600 PreTerm System. The CAT 6 Coupler use Belden's patented DualFlex PCB technology that provide the best controlled electrical performance as well as great reliability. The CAT 6 Coupler allows for maximum data center cabling infrastructure flexibility with guaranteed performance in short channels and with 4 couplers per channel. The transmission performance exceeds all parameters specified in the CAT 6 standard.

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  • Guaranteed short channel Category 6 performance with 4 couplers
  • Easy to order and deploy in the data center
  • Provide peace of mind to the user


  • Benefit from Belden's patented DualFlex PCB technology
  • Female-to-female RJ45 connector with KeyConnect interface
  • Meet and exceed Category 6 component performance with guaranteed usable bandwidth up to 280 MHz
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