CAT 6A Plugs

CAT 6A Plugs

Category 6A Field Mount Plugs are available in UTP and shielded and are color-coded 568 A/B for universal wiring. They come equipped with an Insulation Piercing Contact (IPC) terminated core that provides a quick, easy and reliable termination onto various cable sizes. The new plugs are ideal for direct connections to WAP, IP Cameras and various IP devices.

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  • REVConnect: Safe connectivity for air handling spaces
  • Supports the most demanding network applications
  • Provides flexibility and reduces inventory
  • Intermateable with all modular jacks
  • REVConnect: Provides material and labor savings


  • REVConnect: Plenum rated - meets UL 2043 requirements
  • Guaranteed Category 6A performance for the network
  • Color-coded for universal wiring 568A/B
  • Fully compliant with TIA-1096-A and IEC 60603-7-51
  • REVConnect: Requires no pair separation step; the best connector for bonded and non-bonded cable
  • REVConnect: Terminates 4 pairs simultaneously with Belden's Universal Termination Tool
Type Component Tech Data Sheet
REVConnect 10GX UTP Plug - Single Pack RVAFPUBK-S1 Download
REVConnect 10GX UTP Plug - Bulk Pack RVAFPUBK-B24 Download
REVConnect 10GX STP Plug - Single Pack RVAFPSME-S1 Download
REVConnect 10GX STP Plug - Bulk Pack RVAFPSME-B24 Download
UTP Plug for small OD conductors (AWG 26-24) CAPFMUS-S1 Download
UTP Plug for large OD conductors (AWG 24-22) CAPFMUL-S1 Download
FTP Plug for small OD conductors (AWG 26-24) CAPFMFS-S1 Download
FTP Plug for large OD conductors (AWG 24-22) CAPFMFL-S1 Download
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Category 6A

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Category 6A

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Category 6A

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