CAT 5E Cross-Connect

CAT 5E Cross-Connect

Belden offers two cross-connect systems for Category 5E cabling. Both systems allow for very high termination density, while maintaining optimal ease of administration. The BIX Cross-Connect System takes advantage of the proven reliability of BIX technology to provide high-performance connections for voice and data networks. The 110 Cross-Connect System uses high reliability Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) contacts to provide high-performance connections for voice and data networks. The system allows for multiple mounting options of 4-pair and 5-Pair Connecting Blocks.

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  • Two cross-connect solutions to suit all infrastructure needs
  • Reliable secure connections for Gigabit networks
  • Reduces inventory and management costs


  • Cross-connect systems offered in BIX and 110 technologies
  • High quality IDC clip and robust accessories
  • BIX cross-connect offers Category 5E performance with cut-to-length jumper cables
Type Component Tech Data Sheet
BIX Distribution Connector, 5-pair Marking A0266828 Download
BIX Distribution Connector, 4-pair Marking A0393146 Download
BIX Mount, 50-pair A0284798 Download
110 Cross-Connect Kit, 100-pair AX100693-S Download
110 Cross-Connect Kit, 300-pair AX100695-S Download

The above is a small sampling of the Category 5E Cross-Connect products available. For more products, please view our catalog.

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