CAT 6 Cross-Connect

CAT 6 Cross-Connect

The Belden IBDN GigaBIX Cross-Connect System takes advantage of the proven reliability of BIX technology to provide high-performance connections for data networks. This uniquely designed system allows for very high termination density, while maintaining optimal ease of administration to accommodate moves, adds and changes. Advantages of the system include easy installation and cable management, coupled with the industry's best performance-to-price ratio for high-density connectivity. The system allows up to 300 pairs to be terminated in a very small area.

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  • Provides reliability and easy MACs in gigabit networks
  • Provides high density and security in telecom rooms
  • Offers industry's best performance-to-price ratio


  • Proven reliability of BIX technology
  • High-density connector and management accessories
  • Category 6 performance using cut-to-length jumper wires
Type Component Tech Data Sheet
GigaBIX Termination Kit, 72-port AX101470 Download
GigaBIX Termination Kit, 300-pair AX101471 N/A
GigaBIX Connector, 6-port AX101447 Download
GigaBIX Connector, 25-pair AX101448 Download
Connecting Block Holder, 6 Positions AX102677 Download

The above is a small sampling of the Category 6 Cross-Connect products available. For more products, please view our catalog.

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