CAT 6A Patch Cords

CAT 6A Patch Cords

The 10GX Patch Cords are 4-pair 24 AWG UTP modular cords designed to be used within the Belden IBDN 10GX System. The 10GX Modular Cord is based on a patent-pending plug management bar design which allows for very good control of the internal plug NEXT. The Bonded-Pair patch cable design offers very good Alien crosstalk performance. The 10GX Modular Cords' design, with a very small footprint, makes them fully compatible with the highest density hubs that utilize RJ45 jack connections.

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  • Maximum RL performance under all patching conditions
  • Superior ruggedness and durability
  • Performance up to 625 MHz


  • Use bonded-pair technology
  • Rugged, overmolded boot
  • Solid conductors

View our tech data sheet for CAT 6A Patch Cords.

C A       0 Color 3 digit distance code**
C A 2 - UTP Bonded 1 - CMR 1 - T568A/B-T568A/B 0 0 - Black # # #
    F - Shielded Bonded*** 2 - CMP 4 - Crossover T568A-T568B   2 - Red      
        5 - Crossover IEEE   3 - Orange      
        6 - Rollover   4 - Yellow      
            5 - Green      
            6 - Blue      
            7 - Purple      
            8 - Gray      
            9 - White      
** Example: 005 = 5 feet; 010 = 10 feet; 100 = 100 feet
Lengths 001 - 099 feet available
Lengths 100 - 295 feet available in increments of 5 feet
*** Available in black, blue, gray, and white

Additional colors and termination styles available; some with minimum order requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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