Copper Patch Panels

Belden Patch Panels are available in a variety of styles and port-counts to provide the maximum flexibility for your installation. Pre-loaded options are available in our REVConnect and KeyConnect flat, angled, and AngleFlex series for Category 5e, Category 6, and Category 6A (10GX) performance. You may also opt for modular patch panels (empty) that can be populated with various KeyConnect Jacks and Multimedia Modules. Configurations of KeyConnect Patch Panels include 24-port, 1U, 48-port, 2U, 48-port 1U, and 72-Port, 2U. MDVO-style jacks are compatible with the Flex series panels, available in 24-port, 1U and 48-port, 2U.

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CAT 6A Patch Panels

Category 6A

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CAT 6 Patch Panels

Category 6

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CAT 5E Patch Panels

Category 5e

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Modular Patch Panels


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Why You Can't Ignore Category 6A Anymore

Emerging applications are demanding it, standards are recommending it, and many barriers are no longer relevant.

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