Tight Buffer Breakout Style Cables

Break-Out Cables

The robust construction of Belden's breakout cables make them ideal for demanding environments including conduits, junction boxes, patch panels, and the factory floor. They offer all the ease of a 900µm tight buffered termination with only one fiber per sub-unit. In order to support rugged applications, the connector and the cable's aramid yarns are bonded together to provide unmatched strength and durability.

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  • Intra-building & Inter-building backbones
  • Rugged patching
  • Workstation equipment connections
  • Harsh environments

Features & Benefits

  • 900µm Tight Buffered Fibers: Easy and Consistent Field Terminations
  • Available in 2mm & 3mm single fiber sub-units: Facilitates rugged bond between connector & fiber
  • ABS (Shipboard) & MSHA (Mining) Approvals Available
Fusion Splice-on Connectors Sample

Tight Buffer Break-Out Cables

Type Armor Type Rating PDF Tech Data
Indoor (2-12 fibers) Non-armored CMP, CMR Download Download
Fusion Splice Pigtails

Fusion Splice Pigtails

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Splice Cassettes

Splice Cassettes

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Mechanical Splice Connectors

Mechanical Splice

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