Tight Buffer Distribution Cables

Distribution Cables

Belden's tight-buffered multi-fiber distribution cables are available in fiber counts from 2 to 144. These highly popular cables are designed for both indoor & indoor/outdoor applications. Distribution cables are available in plenum, riser, unitized & non-unitized constructions which fit a wide array of general purpose installations. Their small bend radius and 900µm tight-buffered fibers allow for fast installations and easy terminations.

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  • Horizontal distribution for Fiber-to-the-desk
  • Intra-building & inter-building backbones
  • Data Center EDA areas
  • Factory floor automation

Features & Benefits

  • 900µm Tight Buffered Fibers: Fast and Robust Field Termination
  • Single-Unit Designs: Provide space savings & easier installations
  • All-Dielectric Designs: Eliminate the need for grounding
  • Interlocking Armor: Removes the need for conduit
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Tight Buffer Distribution Cables

Type Armor Type Rating PDF Tech Data
Indoor (2-144 fibers) Non-armored CMP, CMR Download Download
Indoor/Outdoor (2-144 fibers) Non-armored CMP, CMR Download Download
Indoor (2-144 fibers) Aluminium Interlocked CMP, CMR Download Download
Indoor/Outdoor (2-144 fibers) Aluminium Interlocked CMP, CMR Download
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Fusion Splice Pigtails

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Splice Cassettes

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Mechanical Splice

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