Data Center Network Enclosures

Data Center Network Cabinets

Hosting of large patching field and switched into cabinets is a major challenge. Belden XN series cabinets feature an inset structure allowing open vertical managers between a ganged frame. The cabinets's modularity allows configuration meeting specific switch gear hosting requirements such as side to side airflow.

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  • Air duct for leading switches allows side to side venting equipment hosting
  • 6" enclosure extension can be added on both sides of the 30" frame, allowing large switch hosting
  • Single part number ordering for switch-specific configurations like our air director for side-to-side venting switches (Ex: Cisco Catalyst 6509, Nexus 7018)


  • Welded 3000 lbs load capacity frame
  • Inner structural post designed for unobstructed access to vertical managers
  • Double hinging door allow right- or left-side opening for cable access
24" Wide Enclosures
XN Series Type X3N42 X3N45 X3N48 X4N42 X4N45 X4N48
(W x D x H)
30" x 42" x 80.28" 30" x 42" x 85.53" 30" x 42" x 90.78" 30" x 48" x 80.28" 30" x 48" x 85.53" 30" x 48" x 90.78"
Rack Units
42 45 48 42 45 48
Front Opening
(W x H)
19.67" x 73.74" 19.67" x 78.99" 19.67" x 84.24" 19.67" x 73.74" 19.67" x 78.99" 19.67" x 84.24"
Depth w/ Doors 42" 48"
Usable Depth** 27.42" 33.42"
Single Door
Perf. Area
1,278 sq. in. 1,375 sq. in. 1,472 sq. in. 1,278 sq. in. 1,375 sq. in. 1,472 sq. in.

** Distance from front-most mounting rail face to inside of rear frame.

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  • EIA-310-D

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Cable Runways

Cable Runways

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Power Distribution

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Smart Cabinet Access System

Smart Cabinet Access System

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