IBDN 3600

Category 6 Performance for Leading-edge CommunicationsIBDN_2400

Built on DataTwist 3600 UTP cables and CAT6+ connectivity products, IBDN System 3600 installations provide additional throughput and the type of enhanced, error-free performance needed to support high-traffic and high bit-rate applications. The 3600 System delivers 280 MHz of useable bandwidth.

Belden IBDN System 3600 components include:

  • DataTwist 3600 Cables
  • CAT6+ Modular Jacks
  • CAT6+ Modular Cords
  • CAT6+ Patch Panels
  • GigaBIX Cross-Connect System
  • Workstation Outlets

DataTwist 3600 Cables

DataTwist 3600 Cables consist of 4 pairs of 23 AWG insulated copper spline conductors, with a round flexible core construction. The patented design features a central tape to provide pair-separation, and matched conductors on all four pairs to provide for extremely stable electrical performance. Available in both bonded-pair and nonbonded-pair designs.

See Product Bulletin #295 for more information.

CAT6+ Modular Jacks

The unmatched performance of the CAT6+ Modular Jack exceeds all parameters specified in the TIA Category 6 standard. Available in both KeyConnect and MDVO styles, they are designed for punch-down UTP connection and feature Belden's patent-pending Encapsulated Lead Frame technology to ensure excellent long-term reliability, as well as extremely stable transmission performance.

See Data Sheet for more information.

CAT6+ Modular Cords

Made with Belden's patented Bonded-Pair cables, CAT6+ Modular Cords pass the stringent TIA Mechanical Stress Reliability Specifications and provide optimum electrical performance – even in high-density installations which experience frequent handling stresses.

See Product Bulletin #279 for more information.

CAT6+ Patch Panels

CAT6+ Patch Panels are available in both preloaded and modular versions. Our preloaded patch panels are especially appropriate for data center and telecommunications room high-density installations, where they offer the contractor greater installation versatility.

Preloaded versions:
CAT6+ KeyConnect Patch Panels

Modular versions:
KeyConnect Modular Panels
AngleFlex Patch Panels
Flex Patch Panels

GigaBIX Cross-Connect System

The GigaBIX Cross-Connect System uses the proven reliability of BIX technology to provide a high-performance connection for data networks. GigaBIX basic components include: Connectors, Mounts (wall and rack), Designation Strips/Labels, Cross-Connect Wire, Wire Guards, Termination Bars and Cords.

Go to GigaBIX Cross-Connect for more complete information. Or click here for a Data Sheet.

Workstation Outlets

To complete the installation, Belden provides a complete line of modular work area components – including outlet boxes, faceplates, inserts and adapters.

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