Data Center Solutions Configurator

CB0019_Cover_TN2Our new web-based configurator gives data center designers, consultants, system integrators, facility planners and managers the ability to customize each enclosure to the specific needs of the selected active equipment. Click here to try this dynamic tool.

Depending on a data center's need for infrastructure, available uptime and redundancy, different requirements exist for cabling, equipment hosting, power and thermal efficiency — all of which are driven primarily by the choice of active components, cooling and network speed.

To assist data center designers, consultants, system integrators, facility planners and managers in choosing the best product set and solutions for their infrastructure, Belden has released a new web-based product configurator.

This dynamic tool provides quick and easy configuration of data center rooms housing servers, switches, storage and network components with racks and enclosures, cabling, connectivity, power and thermal management systems. Here's a look at a typical configuration process

  • To begin, users complete an online registration to receive a user name and password. Since all configuration files are saved to Belden's secure server, these credentials give a user access to their files at any point in time.
  • Product selection can range from a specific rack or enclosure to custom elements such as shelves, cable management, patch panels, pre-terminated copper and/or fiber systems, etc. to facilitate active equipment hosting while optimizing design and cost.







  • After these options have been identified, a PDF of the bill of materials is printed or exported for use in the ordering process.

CB0019 Product Portfolio
Once an order is placed, the specified products are built into the rack or enclosure and shipped to the Data Center site.

The following is a look at just a few of the many features and benefits of the configurator:



 Easy-to-access web-based tool

As a web-based tool, no hard drive memory is required when using the configurator on a laptop or desktop computer. All files are stored on Belden's powerful server.

Quick and easy product portfolio creation

    • Racks and Enclosures
    • Cabling and Connectivity
    • Power Distribution and Monitoring
    • Air Flow Management and Monitoring
    • Cable Management

A product portfolio, with pricing, can be outputted in minutes allowing the user to actively gauge the cost impact on the data center build.

 Streamlined print and export capabilities

The configurator features both a printing and export function for generating a solution matrix and bill of materials for use when placing an order or in discussions with a Belden representative.

 Securely stored configuration files

All configurator files are password protected and are archived on Belden's secure server. They can be accessed at any time for updating.

 Convenient user interface

A step-by-step user interface expedites the build and selection process.