IBDN Copper Systems

Belden IBDN Copper-based Systems Outperform Industry Standards, Providing Guaranteed Performance Headroom and Data Throughput

Numerous marketing and third party studies have demonstrated Belden's leadership as the high quality signal transmissions supplier, citing Belden's ability to offer especially high-performance, dependable transmission solutions that meet and always exceed industry standards.

Belden's IBDN Copper Systems are also alone in their ability to provide guaranteed usable bandwidth higher than the standards. You can define the system that is best suited to your application or for information on the individual Belden IBDN UTP systems, click below.

IBDN Systems

10GX System (Category 6A, 625 MHz)

4800 System (Category 6, 300 MHz)

3600 System (Category 6, 280 MHz)

2400 System (Category 6, 250 MHz) 

1200 System (Category 5e, 160 MHz)

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