ControlNet Cable

ControlNet Cable

Belden ControlNet cables provide maximum signal integrity and run length exceeding the high-speed, time-critical requirements necessary for ControlNet factory floor applications. The standard construction for this application is RG-6, quad-shield coaxial cable designed for compliance with the ControlNet specification.




  • Maximum signal integrity and run length
  • Communication of devices at a specific pre-determined point in time
  • Increased flexibility


  • Duobond IV Quad Shield
  • Larger bandwidth which communicates in a totally deterministic and predictable manner
  • Supports multiple nodes and any combination of topologies
Sample Request
Series Shielding Part Number Extra Description Tech Data

RG-6/U Type

18 AWG

Duobond IV 60% and 40% Al Braid 3092A Standard  Download
3092F High Flex  Download
3092T Low Smoke, Zero Halogen  Download
3093A High Temperature  Download
123092A Aluminum Armor  Download
133092A Steel Armor  Download
183092A Continuous Armor  Download
383092A Extreme Chemical Resistance, Continuous Armor  Download
3132A Plenum  Download
Duobond IV 60% and 40% Cu Braid YR28890 * High Flex  Download

RG-11/U Type

14 AWG

Duobond IV 60% and 40% Al Braid 3094A Riser  Download
123094A Riser, Aluminum Armor  Download
133094A Riser, Steel Armor  Download
3095A Plenum  Download
*       Custom construction. Minimum order quantities and/or shipping rules may apply