DeviceNet Cable

DeviceNet Cable

Belden DeviceNet cables allow you to configure real-time networks and eliminate costly installation expenses. Designed and manufactured for compliance with ODVA specifications, Belden DeviceNet cables are approved for use within existing cable trays.




  • Open low-cost system link, eliminating the need for hardwiring and traditional cabling practices
  • Maximum reliability and performance
  • Increased flexibility


  • Reduced cable and installation costs
  • Noise resistant, with both event and timer based options
  • Data and power functionality in one cable
Sample Request
Class Type Extra Description * Part Number Tech Data

Class 1

600 V

Thick Standard 7897A  Download
Aluminum Armor 127897A  Download
ODVA Type V (Trunk) Standard 7896A  Download
Aluminum Armor 127896A  Download
ODVA Type IV (Drop) Standard 7900A  Download

Class 2

300 V

Thick Standard 3082A  Download
Aluminum Armor 123082A  Download
High Flex 3082F  Download
High Flex, Oil Res I 1345F  Download
Extreme Chemical Resistance (CPE) 3083A  Download
Aluminum Armor 123083A  Download
Thin Standard 3084A  Download
Aluminum Armor 123084A  Download
High Flex 3084F  Download
High Flex, Oil Res I 1346F  Download
Extreme Chemical Resistance (CPE) 3085A  Download
Aluminum Armor 123085A  Download
ODVA Type III (Mid) Standard 7895A  Download
Aluminum Armor 127895A  Download
*       Extreme chemical resistance (CPE Jacket) and steel armor constructions available upon request