Modbus Cable

Modbus Cable

Interface quickly and easily with most existing plant control architectures by using Belden cabling for Modbus. Modbus has been a standard for interfacing remote I/O and PLCs into the process DLC system for over 20 years, allowing most legacy control systems to interface easily with Modbus. With multiple options available, Belden has a flexible and dependable Modbus solution for key applications.




  • Interface conveniently into most existing plant control architectures
  • Significant savings in wiring
  • "Peace of mind" in a variety of applications


  • Standard for interfacing remote I/Os and PLCs for a number of years (numerous manufacturers support it)
  • Network distances up to 4,000 ft
  • Over 20 years of proven performance in "mission-critical" applications
Sample Request
System Name AWG No. of Elements Part Number Extra Description ** Tech Data
Modbus Plus 24 1 Pair YM29560 * RS485 Paired Cable  Download
YC39000 * Aluminum Armor  Download
YC39222 * Steel Armor  Download
YQ29528 * High Temp. / Plenum  Download
Modbus 22 3 Pair 8777 Standard Modem Drop Cable  Download
128777 Aluminum Armor  Download
138777 Steel Armor  Download
88777 High Temp. / Plenum  Download
Modbus II 18 1 Coax 3092A Standard Quad Shield Coax  Download
3132A High Temp. / Plenum  Download
3092F High Flex  Download
123092A Aluminum Armor  Download
133092A Steel Armor  Download
*       Custom construction. Minimum order quantities and/or shipping rules may apply
**      Extreme chemical resistance (CPE, Oil Res II, LSZH) options available upon request