RS-485 Cable

RS-485 Cable

Connecting your RS-485 network using Belden cable ensures increased network flexibility and performance. Belden offers the industry's widest range of RS-485 cable options. These range from power limited tray cable (PLTC) and plenum (CMP) rated cable to low smoke zero halogen cable (see the table below for a complete listing). These communication cables are ideally suited for connecting computer and automation systems and are backed by our 10-year product warranty.




  • Application flexibility
  • Performs over longer distances
  • Quick and reliable communication


  • Multiple options and the ability to control multiple devices
  • Longer cable lengths
  • Short response time with flame and smoke protection
Sample Request

Using a traditional EIA-485 interface, the maximum distance achieved would be 4,000 ft. at 100kbps (max. 247 nodes). Belden's superior insulation materials allow for this max length to be met by using the low capacitance 22 & 24 AWG options available. Larger custom cables are available upon request.

—Product Management

AWG Shielding Type Pairs Ratings Technical Data
22 Foil + Braid Industrial-grade Automation and Process Control 1-4 PLTC, CM, Oil Res II  Download
Marine Rated (ABS & DNV) Industrial-grade Automation 1-4 PLTC, LSZH  Download
POS Computer Cables for Communications 2 CM, CMP  Download
Individually Shielded Pairs Audio, Control and Instrumentation 2 CM, CMG, LSZH  Download
2 High Temp & Plenum (CMP)  Download
3 LSZH  Download
3-37 CM  Download
24 Foil & Braid High Flex Industrial-grade Automation 1-4 CM, Oil Res II  Download
Low Capacitance Computer Cables for RS485 Applications 1-4 CM, DMX512  Download
1-2 High Temp & Plenum (CMP)  Download
28 Foil & Braid Low Capacitance Computer Cables for RS485 (and RS232/RS422) Applications 2-31 AWM, CL2  Download
*       CPE jacketed versions for increased chemical resistance available upon request