Industrial Connectivity Solutions

Industrial Connectivity Solutions

For a complete solution, pair Belden's Category 5e and 6 cables with DataTuff™ Industrial Ethernet connectors, tools and accessories. With options rated for protection from water, dust, contact, vibration, heat and flame, DataTuff™ cordsets and connectivity solutions deliver superior signal protection even in rugged industrial operating conditions.



  • Reduce risk of failure, improve safety and minimize installation costs
  • Easily match your needs with products perfectly suited for the application
  • Experience superior performance and signal protection


  • Pre-terminated solutions for faster, easier maintenance
  • Broad, deep portfolio for system flexibility
  • Ruggedized designs operate reliably in harsh settings
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Speed Connector Conductor Shielding IP Rating Part Number * Technical Data **
Cat6 RJ45 Solid Unshielded IP67 E600XX  Download
IP20 E601XX  Download
Shielded IP67 E604XX  Download
IP20 E605XX  Download
Rugged RJ45 Solid Unshielded IP20 R601XX  Download
Shielded R605XX  Download
Cat5e RJ45 Solid Unshielded IP67 E500XX  Download
IP20 E501XX  Download
Stranded Unshielded IP67 E502XX  Download
IP20 E503XX  Download
Solid Shielded IP67 E504XX  Download
IP20 E505XX  Download
Stranded Shielded IP67 E506XX  Download
IP20 E507XX  Download
Solid Shielded IP67 E508XX  Download
IP20 E509XX  Download
  • xx = cable length, in meters
  • Tech datas shown for 1 meter long cordset
  • Standard lengths available at 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 25 meters
  • Custom lengths and footage lengths available upon request

Jacks & Plugs

Category Speed Shielding IP Rating Part Number Technical Data
Modular Jacks Cat6 Unshielded IP67 E100601  Download
Shielded IP67 E100602  Download
Cat5e Unshielded IP67 E100501  Download
Shielded IP67 E100502  Download
Plug Kits Cat5e Unshielded IP67 E300501  Download
Shielded IP67 E300502  Download
Field-Installable Metal Body Ruggedized Plug Cat6 Unshielded IP20 R301601  Download
R301602  Download

Faceplates & Mount Boxes

Category IP Rating Gang/Port Part Number Technical Data
Stainless Steel Faceplates IP67 Single 1 port E200001  Download
Single 2 port E200002  Download
Double 4 port E200004  Download
Surface Mount Boxes IP67 1 port E200101  Download
2 port E200102  Download
3 port E200103  Download
4 port E200104  Download


Description Part Number Technical Data
Hand tool E400001  Download
Cable stripper E400003  Download
Connecting tool AX100749  Download
Tool pouch C0054642 N/A