Control, Instrumentation, and Power Cable

Reliability - even in the harshest of environments - is the hallmark of Belden Instrumentation and Control cables. No matter what gauge size, conductor count, insulation, jacket, armor or rating, we can meet your needs.


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Tray cables are multi-conductor and multi-pair control, signal and power cables as defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) approval for installation in cable trays or raceways.

The tray or raceway itself may be defined as one of many different types, but any cables which run through it must be rated for its specific designation:

Type TC (Tray Cable): Cables rated for use in a 600V designated tray
Type PLTC (Power Limited Tray Cable): Cables rated for use in a 300V designated tray
Type ITC (Instrumentation Tray Cable): Cables rated for use in a 150V designated tray

In addition to the voltage rating, there are a few additional ratings which can be added to the 600V, 300V or 150V designation:

Type TC-ER or PLTC-ER (Exposed Run): Rugged enough for use in exposed runs or used as open wiring without the need for conduit or some type of protective cover when being routed from the tray to the machine or device
Type WTTC (Wind Turbine Tray Cable): Hold a special approval for wind power applications

No matter what the application, Belden has designed several lines of cables to meet the specific need of each tray-rated environment, including:

Product Line Options: 300V & 600V UL Instrumentation Cable, 600V UL Control Cable, 1000V & 2000V UL Control Cable, Thermocouple Cable, 600V Metal Clad (MC) Cable, 600V CSA Teck-Style Cable
Conductor Options: Pairs, Triads, or Multi-conductor
Gauge Sizes: 20 - 1 AWG standard, 1/0 - 4/0 AWG available upon request
Shielding Options: Unshielded, Overall Shield, or Individually Shielded
Insulation Options: PVC, XLPE, TPE, PVC-Nylon, FEP, PE/PVC
Jacket Options: PVC, TPE, CPE, FEP, Haloarrest

In every aspect of industrial manufacturing, industrial processing and commercial applications, the uses for these cables are endless: from chemical processing plants, food and beverage facilities, oil refineries, pulp and paper facilities and industrial control systems all the way to commercial buildings, intercom systems and transportation.

When it's time to specify cable for your instrumentation, control and power needs, you will find that Belden's cables offer the quality and reliability consistent with your long-term needs, including:

High tensile strength
Impact and crush-resistance
Excellent elongation
Superior low temperature properties

90°C dry and 90°C wet
High insulation resistance
Low dielectric loss
High dielectric strength
Versatile and flexible
Provides cost savings as conduit and ducts are not required for exposed-run cables